Friday, June 10, 2011

Steady-as-you-go is no longer adequate

When you install Brulines I'll back you up for doing it kevin. And, if you look at the questions people posed initially - they are constructive, seeking more detailed understanding of the 'franchise' situation. People who understand pubcos are rightly sceptical about anything 'progressive' because when something appears to be 'given' on one hand it's ALWAYS taken back, with a little bit extra on the side, with the other.

Oh and by the way Paul Charity - Steady-as-you-go was never adequate and the very idea that everything was hunky dory prior to the smoking ban is ridiculous. The gangrene just hadn't reached the surface all over the industry and enough people were still pouring their life savings/redundancy/early retirement packages/re-mortgages into tied pubs to keep the skin looking shiny.

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