Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orchid re-opens Enterprise pub

Don't forget Karl, as Brigid Simmonds is always so keen to stress whenever she hopes someone might be listening, that TWICE the number of failed pubs coming onto the market come from the free of tie sector than from the tied lease sector.

This represents a P&L 'catastrophe' for Enterprise and clearly is 'not representative', as Simon Townsend might say, of the vibrant majority of tied pubs 'whose lessees enjoy', as Roger Whiteside would assert, the benefits of the major pubco's buying power being passed on to them in the form of discounts they could never achieve on their own.

No doubt Enterprise only decided to sell the Knowles Arms' freehold once previous lessees of the pub were out on their a.r.s.e. following a forensic examination of every aspect of their operational activities carried out by Enterprise proved, beyond spreadsheet doubt, they were running a pub it was impossible to make profitable under the rental and supply agreements that were in force and it would be better to get the cash in the bank to pay a couple of hours' interest off the debt mountain.

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