Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matthew Taylor's RSA keynote speech: "Enlightened enterprise"

The Path to The New Enlightenment!

FAB Mattew! It's great that at least some high profile people are able to be objective enough to map out and describe a route to a future where mankind can avoid destroying everything we have created since the Industrial Revolution for our own benefit, in ignorance of a wider view, that now threatens to destroy everything we know. Matthew Taylor offers a pragmatic overview of how society, business, people, government, MUST engage in change together to preserve any chance of a sustainable future. We know the planet that cannot accommodate US sustainably unless collectively we radically change our behaviour and do this now - ASAP - As Soon As Possible - really is not soon enough. Doing this is in practice is NOT difficult; we already have the tools in our hands; the barrier to change is our collective consciousness and our enslavement to the lazy, fat, wasteful and self congratulatory status quo we love so much that is traditional Capitalism.

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