Friday, June 10, 2011

BBPA faces duty escalator challenge

HA! THE DUTY ESCALATOR CHALLENGE: BBPA's perennial diversion from the simple truth behind pub closures: Abuse of the beer tie consistently closes pubs faster than all other industry wide factors added together. It's NOT rocket science guys: the BIGGEST factor in pub closures is the British pubco Tied Beer Business model. THUS:

Bigger rents than free of tie + charging DOUBLE the price for tied beer = LOTS OF CLOSED PUBS

It is NOT the duty escalator. Geddit?

One of the other BBPA porkies regularly trotted out for public consumption, as propounded falteringly by Brigid Simmonds at the pubco debate on Tuesday, is that double the number of pubs closing their doors forever are in the free of tie sector compared to the numbers of failed tied leases.


EVERY freehold pub that's on the market for sale subject to planning for alternative use is by default Free Of Tie.

Tied pubs NEVER come onto the market as freeholds - because tied pubs are by default, leased. SEE?

The FACT is that the VAST MAJORITY of pubs that come onto the market as freeholds are ex tied leased pubs that have failed serially Because Of The Tie having been starved of investment for decades Because Of The Tie and they are on the market because one pubco or another is flogging them off instead of selling them to the lessees they bankrupted along the way. It's all part of the Great British Pubco Scam.

This meaningless but sounds like 'amazingly impressive "evidence"' reassures most onlookers that although the state of the pub trade is disastrous for all to see, it's MUCH worse in the free trade - where pubs are not protected by the cuddly pubcos desperate to keep their tied pub people hanging on in there through thick and thin (Simon Townsend actually BELIEVES his own sound bite rhetoric on this because believing rhetoric is the only way these guys can live with the heaps of Emperors New Clothes they are spinning with their unprovable invisible yarns! 'It's tough out there but we're surviving, because we're plucky guys who love our lessees, and because they are our bread and butter it's in our interests to look after them').

The Great British Pubco scam: 'It ain't us guv. it's everyone else; well mostly the government and then it's our useless lessees. Us? we're perfect. We KEEP pubs alive'. LIES LIES LIES.

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