Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Personally I’m pleased that Osama Bin Laden has been mercilessly killed. I have become completely sick of political correctness politeness and mediocrity. I find I cannot have a conversation with my parents where I do not say ‘fuck’ at the annoyance and utter stupidity of it all. Whatever happened to apprenticeships and quality work/craftmanship? Somehow in our society now it seems that bad, dull, ignorant, stupid people succeed and good, clever, hard working people with vision fail. There are exceptions of course. But how can it be that the CEO of RBS gets a £7.5million pay package, with bonuses, when the business he is boss of lost £1.5BILLION? How does that happen? And when questioned about it he just says ‘I’m not at the top of the scale in this sector, although at the top of pay league in society but if they don’t like it they can always employ someone else’. WHAT? This utterly selfless prick is 50. He should be publicly humiliated. And don’t talk to me about footballers’ payscales or Charlie Sheen.

How is it that some NHS doctors earn over £200K and how is it that ‘tradesmen’ nowadays actually ask to borrow your tools or to sub them cash so they can buy a wrench, expect YOU to sort out their parking problems AND they leave their detritous on the job for the client to take to the dump? How is it that they earn more money than you do? How come traffic wardens routinely treat people as if they are criminals and simply get away with it? I was given a ticket a couple of weeks ago when I was putting money in the pay and display machine: ‘I gave you an ‘Instant Ticket’ there’s nothing I can do about it’. And when I swore at her and told her she cannot do that and that she was mugging me she just said ‘get a life’. Fuck ME.

And that’s not the half of it.

If you dear people really, actually, factually, KNEW the situation of what’s happening with pubs all over the UK you would, well, you would simply not believe it because it is so surreal it is not actually believable. it’s JUST like the bankers’ bonuses.

And if we, as a society, all were able to be frank and honest and open about our rubbish education system, maybe we would begin to get our priorities right. Faith Schools. PAH!

I hope the language did not dilute the message.



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