Saturday, April 23, 2011

This might be a repeat of a previous post.

Here’s ONE of the things that could happen, alongside the library, and a theatre/dance/performance/film/live music programme in a venue LIKE the Gala cinema building:

Then there could be residential, a hotel and a number of other income generating things, community wardens and many vountary and third sector organisations could be based there too.

It’s a good model to repeat and there are many others out there already doing exciting things that are community based and financially sustainable.

I was once sitting on the pavement opposite Pacifico in Covent Garden, having been unexpectedly royally sick in the loos after too much Margarita (I didn’t feel even a bit pissed until I stood up to go for a pee) and was recovering with a friend who was similarly afflicted. He was ex Oxford and there we were looking like street drinkers who’d fallen into the gutter when John said ‘Oh my god NO. Hide me’. As Darius Guppy and three other posh bods strolled by… ‘Hello John, how are you?’ he said. They had been in that dining club together and this was the first time they’d bumped into each other after leaving college. At least I was invisible.

It was a long time ago.

On Thursday 5 May there will be a meeting at The Sun and Doves for people who are interested in registering interest for their children to attend the Michaela Community School which we hope will open for Year Seven in September 2012…

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