Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wuli Wuli for the first time tonight. What an excellent addition to what is becoming a significant south London street. It’s been a long time coming but Camberwell Church Street has the potential to become a London wide attraction.

The staff at Wuli Wuli are on the ball, well informed — they know the menu — friendly, charming, attentive without being overly so, no fawning at all, and basically very good. That is a great achievement for any business and then, the food.

Every dish well presented, good to look at. The cooking is more than competent, there’s admirable skill in the kitchen evident in the balance of textures and contrasts of flavours in every plate.

From ‘Chittering’ and beef offal, saliva chicken, smacked cucumbers, duck’s tongue and shredded pig’s ear to cattle tripe and boiled Chaosoupi it’s a hoot and an education. Go there.

Oh it’s good.

Do try the smacked cucumbers. Beware the heat; rejoice in the result. And the stuffed dumplings, simply glorious when dipped in their homespun bitter sweet vinegar sauce.

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