Monday, April 04, 2011


Jenny McCartney
Michael Gove has a point - we need to make reading a thrill

Gove, like many others who get into the position of actually being able to do something about it, and who perennially, interminably, FAIL to do anything about it, misses the point entirely about what's lacking in education.

What is always missing is the commitment, determination, creativity and absolute resolve on the part of governments to take effective action to systemically change education provision so that it actually works.

All children - all humans - need emotional, intellectual and physical stimulation and exercise from an early age. Achieve this and by the time generations of children are ready for secondary education they will be ready to read the Classics of their own volition.

Fail to get them young and the result is what we already have - a half baked education system that at best fails half and at worst damages a significant proportion of our population.

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