Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MP introduces Bill to relax beer tie

Because they are really nice people because they are FAMILY BREWERS and they should be given an easy trading advantage over all other types of business because they are FAMILY. They keep it in the family of course, for future generations, while making sure that no one earns enough out of their pubs to get ideas above their station.

They tend to do a lot of polo playing and grouse shooting and fly fishing mountain climbing and extreme sailing, globe trotting and they often like a rather nice glass of wine produced in the vineyard they part own.

MP introduces Bill to relax beer tie

Good question, truth is no one really knows because the pubcos don't want anyone to really know. So lets have a stab at coming up with a figure using the information to hand. We can ask people in the industry who really know what they are talking about - the BBPA and the IFBB.

The BBPA and IFBB between them know everything there is to know about pubs. They are the main fonts of accurate information about the pub trade and are the only reliable open, honest, frank and transparent brokers of all knowledge on every aspect of the pub trade. For a start their figures PROVE that lessees are safer when operating within the warm embrace of the beer tie than if they are left outside to face the ravages of the free trade: "57% of pub closures are in the free of tie sector" according to the cuddly IFBB; 'tenants are safer with us and get £80.40 cash support from us each year...

In my jaundiced view it would be fairly logical to suggest that most of the 57% were tied pubs once and became free of tie closed pubs as they were run down by a combination of high rents and double price wholesale beer. But leave that logical prejudice aside for the moment. By extrapolation it is clear that even IFBB concedes that the other 43% are tied pubs definitely, without doubt and no question - because that is what they say.

SO an average (again according to BBPA) of 40 pubs closed each week last year which is 2,080 pubs so between them IFBB and BBPA are telling us that 977 tied lessees lost their livelihood, their family home and a lot more besides in 2010.

There. Does that answer your question?

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