Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yes I asked MA to find another pic of Tchenguiz about two years ago. Keep trotting out the same old smiley face. He's a resilient man no doubt this is aided by still having a few hundred million or so in a bank somewhere.

Of course a fundamental ironic oversight of the pub trade is how so much of it wears rose tinted specs that make it blind to the Emperor's new clothes. Most of the people who run the big pubcos and chain operations in this trade are regarded as being gifted with some sort of genius and are rewarded hugely for the talent and vision they bring to their businesses. The reality is it's all a numbers game, has little to do with vision, creativity, quality, tradition, heritage or robust moral values and behaviour or anything in the least bit authentic.

The top pf the pub trade is dominated by rather dull, unenterprising boring businessmen who have no experience, understanding or vision of the service industries other than as vehicles in some way for piling it high and flogging it off quick to as many people as possible before the theme gets worn out and the public's attention drifts elsewhere. These guys have their eyes fixed firmly in the rear view mirror of progress and would ideally sell one lager alongside one prepackaged pie and call it an 'offering' and sell it in a factory environment where the products could be served by dispensing machines or even by the punter themselves; as long as the wages bill was zero they'd be happy.

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