Friday, February 18, 2011

RE: Punch badges 106 pubs with Taylor Walker name

Bad idea. Resurrecting Taylor Walker truly signifies Punch's desperate lack of vision or creative imagination and just how far removed the pinstripes at head office are from what really needs to be done with their pubs.

You can be sure that Cranfield would bin this idea if its MA students invented it for improving the image of the pub to foreigners or British alike.

Contrary to Clive Briscoe's assertions this very obviously is NOTHING but a re-branding exercise and one that is incredibly poorly thought through. To all intents and purposes this is starting from scratch. Probably inspired by some desperate need to tap into some of what they wrongly perceive to be Mitchell and Butler's magic.

Since before Allied Domeq swallowed the remains of it Taylor Walker has meant NOTHING of value or quality, tradition anything to anyone. All any mention of the name does is conjure up images of defunct faded pub signs hanging over the doors of boarded up boozers... with a cannon... and a deer maybe? What any tourist will make of this meaningless fabrication is anyone's guess.

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