Friday, February 18, 2011

20% of pubs suffer as turnover drops

Oh do come on. What makes you say the British pub is 'still the envy of the world'? Whose world exactly might that be?

Cranfield / LCC has set this years MA in Business Communications 'a marketing challenge': How to change the widespread perception in people all over the world that British pubs are horrible places to avoid; Where the British get dangerously drunk - where we binge drink and vomit in public - where we fight and shout at each other - where the food is horrible; the drinks badly made; the service rude and dismissive - etc etc etc. That is what people really think about pubs the world over. And who can blame them given how they are promoted by government, health lobby and the British media.

The Cranfield challenge was to propose ways of altering this perception specifically for London pubs and attract tourists to pubs rather than avoid them.

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