Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Later opening: pubs' royal wedding gift

We're still deeply enmired in a class ridden society. It's a prime reason for this country's legislature being so blinkered to what is mind bendingly obvious about what is wrong with Britain on many levels - from health to education to pubs.

The class ridden attitude to life, of the English particularly, which resolutely persists regarding public houses allows that the beer tie is somehow benevolent while, in glaring evidential fact, the reverse is true.

Class ridden blindness to clear facts fosters continuance of the tie - such obvious plainly inequitous legally binding nonsense as any rational outside observer could imagine in a world where almost everywhere such practices are regarded, if left unlegislated against, as open to wide abuse, clearly anti competitive, market distorting, unfair and therefore best made illegal.

Here though a wedding is announced and the country, apologies, the citizens, skip around excited like deprived children being given sweeties on armistice day. And the trade press treat it as if it's salvation for thousands of failed boozers to recover from the knackers yard they're in now.

'pubs' royal wedding gift' baloney. We need a revolution of mind set and practical reality. Maybe David and Nick and their Big Society are the boys to do it. At least they are trying to shake the cobwebs off.

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