Saturday, January 01, 2011

Comment submitted to the Daily Mirror 01.01.2011

Ted Tuppen and the rest of the board at Enterprise Inns say the are 'pub operators'. The truth is they do not operate a single pub - they charge high rents to other people to run pubs for them and oblige their tenants to buy beer from them at double the price they would be paying if they were able to buy it on the open market.

If you read between the lines you'll get the picture, Enterprise advertise themselves thus: "Our success is founded upon the key principle that a retailer has ownership of their business whilst at the same time Enterprise Inns provides the individual support required. We call this approach ‘Retailers in Partnership’"

OR 'You Do All The Work. WE Take ALL The Money'.

Pubcos rip off their tenants with sky high rents and beer prices. This is why pubs are closing all over the UK.

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