Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bateman’s balance of power

Roger's just desperate to find reason to feel all woolly and comfy with the tie. Bateman's got a lot of work to do in getting his description of the TIE he presides over sorted out. All that nonsense about 'free insurance' and 'free' this and 'free' that is UTTER rubbish. He's deceiving himself. None of his freebies are 'free' at all. It's all paid for via the 'Wet Rent'.

If Stuart Bateman is REALLY serious about taking on his family legacy and wanting to turn it around to being something of virtue he ought to get in touch with Ricardo Semler and have a chat about legacy and empowerment of the people and business performance. Stuart might change his mind about the 'TIE' he insists he does not operate.

Good grief. Family brewers need a kick in the pants to stop themselves eulogising about how they are not like Enterprise and Punch who, of course, they hate but have emulated for their own ends.

And Roger Protz ought to stop sitting on the fence and get down to earth with it all.

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