Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ALMR: review is top down stick bashing of pubs

It's very straightforward Inez. They don't find out because the status of the status quo is still, almost, completely controlled by the pubcos and BBPA.

Underlying opinion about the state of the pub industry throughout the range of people you mention has changed radically in the last two years Inez - you know this - you talk to them all the time. They need proof. PROOF.

They need PROOF that the abuse of the tie bu pubcos is the smoking gun behind all the usual 'red tape' et al suspects dealt out by BBPA and pubcos being the reason for the highly visible, multifarious, nefarious and downright shameful failure of the pub trade.

They need proof like a form you can look at that says in black and white:

It's the tie wot did it.

Proof like this is difficult to present when we have a situation where the shocking churn of one tied estate is proven, clearly, absolutely, beyond doubt, using the pubco's own figures and when challenged the pubco says 'it's not what it looks like' and EVERYONE shuffles off with their heads down thinking 'why did we think that would be an earthshaking revelation for the industry?

When we have a situation where a certain measurement system is proven to be incapable of measuring anything, is purported to be able to distinguish between beer and water - and proven to be incapable of this - and 'the authorities' agree it's not fit for purpose and it carries on being used week in week out.

When we have a situation where pubcos are proven to be carrying out rent reviews based on figures pulled from their hat but no one seems to think there's a problem with that.

It goes on...

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