Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Letter To The BII

The pubco comintern is busily at work everywhere realigning the status quo to a different level manifestly flying in the face of all logic where the tie is still protected and they can ply their trade as before BISC but with a veneer of respectability wrapped in meaningless grand sounding codes which cannot and will not be enforced. Pubco ground has been shaken and following fire sales of property and a lot of scurrying around striking deals behind the scenes they are are getting their grip firmly back in the powerhouse.

Recent breathtaking nonsense - the OFT charade, BII utterances, Europe's stance on sustaining vertical agreements including the pub trade - follow on from pressure being applied behind the scenes.

look out for RICS Their power was derived by dividing, and conquering, the rest of the pub industry and by making sure the only well funded and consistent voice in the industry was the BBPA.

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