Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clegg backs pubs and beer tie reform

Excellent debate Ken. You are wrong. You're too sensitive, you take straight criticism as ridicule and do not engage in intelligent debate. How much time have you spent away from your work lobbying politicians, finding out just how much they know? You've been stuck in the same groove for far too long Ken, try and get out of it.

Asking you what YOU would do with the pub trade is very relevant Ken. You have a lot of very solid experience of the pub trade, you give a lot of your experience generously and freely to many people, you have much to offer and you ought to have a vision for the pub trade because without a vision you don't have a cogent position from which to argue.

This trade is knackered you have much to offer but you choose to take a line where you tell everyone else they're misguided,

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