Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meant to say the China White stuff is a load of cock and bull that Roberts' trawled from the internet and has been haranguing Karl with, telling Karl he's a fraud, liar, cheat and loser - all the stuff he's been doing with me and Steve.

Most recently Roberts' been accusing me of not even being a lessee - he reckons he's got evidence that proves that it's Nicky's name on the lease not mine. I certainly cannot be bothered to show/send whatever a photocopy of the lease because then he'll say it's been forged by me. God knows what drives him on. Nutter.

My girlfriend's (for we are not married) father does not believe me when I say that there is no smoking in the houses of parliament. No he knows that ALL politicians are self serving duplicitous hypocritical shits on the make for themselves. He KNOWS they all smoke in cupboards and rooms the houses of commons in whenever they choose to.

That came up in a conversation where we were talking about smoke and mirrors and what to believe about conspiracy theories, I used the smoking ban as an example of how people, no matter what evidence to the contrary is given to them, will simply not believe what is in front of their eyes and ears over what their stupid little suspicious brains tells them is going on really, behind their backs.

Turns out, obviously, that her dad is an idiot too. A UKIP MEP has just moved in across the road from them. I have no doubt her dad will be getting the real evidence from him to prove that I'm wrong about there being no smoking in parliament. He'll wait until we see each other to tell me, just to see my reaction as he proves me wrong on yet another subject he knows nothing about.

No wonder my woman is threatening to leave me - I'm not a big enough shit for her and don't treat her like she's a thick bint.

Problem with people like them is they believe the worst in others because they have low opinions of themselves, even if they are not a bit like that themselves, and do not believe that people can be incorruptible, forthright and honest once they have any degree of power.

Sorry about that Joe. I'm pissed off.


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