Saturday, April 17, 2010

GMB and BBPA clash over tenant income and debt

Bob I find it impossible to imagine that GMB would have any interest in point scoring the way BBPA need to. When GMB first got wind of tied lessees' predicament they were quite simply, as people involved in supporting workers' rights, shocked and outraged at what they found out is still happening in the pub industry.

GMB are fronting a great number of people whose businesses and livelihoods are hanging by a financial thread and presenting information to the world out there which reflects that reality. They don't exactly have a grudge or an axe to grind, they have a desire to expose gross inequity still lurking completely inappropriately in contemporary society.

BBPA's agenda is to cover up reality and make it look all neat and tidy and acceptable. BBPA takes the same information about tied lessees, poohpoohs it, adds in spurious other stats and info from other surveys trying making to make it seem that these same publicans are in fact MUCH BETTER off than most ordinary folk across the UK. AND THEN BBPA tries to get brownie points for being the people who actually DEFEND publicans and pubs against the ill winds of the economy and legislation - they've been doing this sterling work for 100 years. This is madly, truly, deeply OFFENSIVE.

Tied lessees are working endless hours earning nothing, are flat broke up to their neck in debt to HMRC and their suppliers and on zero credit terms with PGs to their landlords; BBPA and Mark Hastings in particular, because it is his job, make out like they're living it up happy as pygges in shytte, As the Wife of Bath might have said it.

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