Monday, April 19, 2010

Clegg backs pubs and beer tie reform

1) - 5) Which political party believes it's every man for himself and has no hope of getting into power?

1) - 5) Which political party only got any power because Europe gave it to them?

It's excellent that Nick Clegg is making such an impression. Democracy here needs to be errr, more democratic. Democracy should embrace informed, intelligent forward thinking change. Democracy needs a big shake up. Change is so slow to happen in the UK because of our gross uninformed petty jingoism and our despicable little Englanders' attitude toward anything that's not British. The flat earth and the class system rules. If we'd adopted the European currency decades ago we'd have begun to understand that our culture is nothing to do with emblems like pounds shillings and pence and everything to do with people.

Europe is an idea that paints a bigger picture than that of island states looking inwards on themselves, something we're really good at doing here. We're British whether it's Euros, dollars or quids we've got in our pockets and a lot of what our association with Europe has brought us has helped move British society on without losing, ahem, an inch, of what we are as a nation.

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