Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're waiting with bated breath.

Robert Feal-Martinez 24/03/2010 09:35:02

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RE: Pub trade set for Budget

Mark, we know what's coming, your beloved Labour are going to screw us again. If you think otherwise you are truly delusional.

Pub trade set for Budget

That was pointing out a spelling mistake Bob not a reflection on my budgetary feelings. I have little doubt Darling will do the honourable thing and totally cockup a moment that should really be a shamelessly populist vote winning give away. Labour is not beloved to me in any way - I clearly point out my deep dissatisfaction with the political shenanigans of this democracy elsewehere.

And while I'm on it, since it suits you on occasion to forget your loftiness and stoop to the level which you criticise others for dropping to - what is YOUR beloved UKIP going to do anything about anything? Ever? NEVER that's when.

Nothing. All that Libertarian nonsense is nitpickingly naive, nihilistic and juvenile. Other than to dress up in ridiculous fancy dress and polka dot ties on their European charabancs while tripping around Brussels with fiercely bright pouty lipped young ladies on their elbow? Politics of the potty room.

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