Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waverley TBS drops a 'minority' of customers

Some locations are just not attractive to suppliers when delivery costs are added in to their overheads no matter what the minimum order level is. Even in parts of Kent, within forty miles of London, transport costs added to goods means it's as much to have a normal range of products delivered to a catering business as it is to buy everything at the local corner shop. If there's still a corner shop.

This is where being a pub is the hub pub could make the difference - the last pub/retail outlet in a village could combines all delivery and overheads for several retail functions in one drop and the lessees could just work an extra 100 hours a week delivering newspapers and milk every morning, delivering mail mid morning between mopping the pub toilets and setting up ready for cream teas and elvenses to the tourists and the local senior citizen... and so on in a never ending toil of love for the community.

It's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to see such a situation where the licensees is regularly getting up to milk the cows and collect the free range eggs before sitting down to a meeting with themselves to ask about extending their overdraft facility and looking at raising capital so they can set up a biomass local district heating system with co generation electricity on the side.

They could do pottery and macrame classes on the side and perhaps even pose for a spot of life drawing to factor some well deserved rest in to their unendingly busy daily schedule.

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