Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Message to Interested Observer

I appreciate your carefully worded post.

IF you are a genuinely independent contributor I'm sorry I've lumped you in with 'others'. You will understand from what you have read here there is a problem. Dispute, disagreement, differing points of view are to be expected in an open forum.

There is no doubt that one person, less likely but possibly several people working in tandem, has a mission to disrupt threads. Just to disrupt threads. Why? I don't know. This has been going on for a year and more. Regular, from morning to late night, jabbing, prodding pointless posts which divert from the topic. Seven days a week. The pattern is regular, the language similar, the content/mind behind the reasoning/logic of the disruptive posts has tempo of having been written by one hand.

Many identities have been used by the disruptor. Many have been banned - and not through objection by me or Steve or any other Fair Pint contributor... by the moderator spotting them. They keep coming back and back with new personas, male and female. New, one star posters who take a firm line supporting some aspect, particularly of the tie and pubco edifice, with a haughty logic or 'business' or academic approach are immediately likely to be one of the piemen until their stance proves otherwise.

They all, of course are anonymous and impervious to criticism and accuse me of 'attacking' and of 'personal abuse'.

Frankly this is all very tedious and I have many other commitments as well. But I cannot stand by and see disingenuous posters deliberately take the discussion nowhere. They divert and I attempt to nail them.

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