Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beer duty to increase another 5%

No beer mats left to write on Gary. We recycle them into little pellets and feed them into our biomass boiler which heats the pub and generates electricity as a by product of its heating overcapacity. We sell the overheating to the local hospital (it's piped to them via a diverted part of the brulines kit which no-one's spotted yet) and feed the electricity we don't use back into the national grid and, actually, the pub costs NOTHING to run - just because of beer mats.

Funny that isn't it. It helps pay the £30,000 a year payable rates bill. Was thinking about getting in touch with Pub is the Hub about that bit.

Anyone hear anything about rates in the budget?

I'll buy you a gallon of Wandle Gary, we don't do Timothy Taylor's. Looking forward to it.

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