Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is obvious 'Colin Matlock', Sair' and their multiple other guises hate Fair Pint.

They can keep posting lies, innuendo and complete rubbish about us as much as they want. It's not going to change anything that we do.

Let's take the recent Labour Party fundraiser at my pub, The Sun and Doves against what 'Matlock' says:

1) The report about us meeting Mandelson said nothing about exclusivity and the photograph has other people in the background.
2) I knew about Mandelson coming a long time in advance and asked the other Fair Pint people what sort of things we should talk about in January.
3) We are used to having three people from Fair Pint meet other bodies and Nicky, Steve and I are very local to The Sun and Doves. Apart from the fact that two of us run the pub, we all live in Camberwell and are all founder members of Fair Pint. There was absolutely no need to have more of us for the meeting.
4) 'Colin Matlock's' arrogance is unbelievable but then he's sick so perhaps it's not surprising. Mandelson as far as Matlock can ascertain 'just dropped in'. I refer you to my point 2 above. He was booked in in January.
5) Exactly contrary to 'Matlock's' bitter and twisted view that Fair Pint 'rarely hide their light under a bushel'; it is in fact unusual for Fair Pint to announce our plans, meetings or other work in advance. By and large most of our work is done quietly behind the scenes. And contrary to the ludicrous picture the sadly disillusioned 'Matlock' constantly paints about Fair Pint it is the authenticity, frankness and honesty of our arguments which have been delivered with caution, politeness, discretion and authority that has gained wide respect and trust for the group at all levels of this fractured and damaged industry...

They keep accusing us, me in particular, of all sorts of financial wrongdoings where there are none. It's not complicated. Their behaviour proves a very unhealthy obsession running unabated for over a year. Behind all of their public haranguing there have been dozens and dozens of incredibly abusive, offensive emails and PMs from the male side of the damaged duo. It could be called stalking I suppose. They even set up an internet group about fair Pint where they call me a 'troll' because I posted a lot of silly notes pointing out how silly it is all over it. I reckon if a 'TROLL' site has been set up about me I have the right to be as big a troll on it as I care to be. Anyway I got over it now.

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