Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cask ale continues growth

Interested Observer 25/03/2010 13:50:30 I just found the post where you explain something about who you are.

There is a PM service here as you know since you PMd me on all three of my accounts (all of which post as JMD for the carpers out there) asking me to find a post you'd put on the forum which I did. I then came back and explained myself in detail and asked who you are - and you answered this on the forum. I did not see your response until now. You did tell me via another PM that you had responded openly on the forum but at the time I did not see your reply. You would have done better to post your response as a PM, I would have read it and perhaps been a little less suspicious about your motives authenticity.

As it is you are an ex pubco employee who does not want to reveal their identity for fear of being linked to the pubco and be accused of being representative of them. There is no shame or problem in that as far as I'm concerned.

As it is you happen to exhibit a line of inquiry, and a certain evasiveness, that the piemen do. Many authentic contributors here have engaged in forum discussion with the piemen at various times - you will know this if you have been following the forum for a long time - under their different guises often to find themselves suddenly becoming the brunt of vicious attacks, being told they are sycophants of Fair Pint is a common one, descending into lurid, obscene rants which get whole threads pulled.

But asking questions of a tied lessee which imply taking advantage of a duty increase to hike up the gp% is like a red rag to a bull. You ought to know that. Tempus fugit. Truce.

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