Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kevin, YOU are hilarious. The funniest thing is the Johnson analogy more accurately reflects 'you lot' than 'us lot'.

'You lot' are the inbred, inward looking, resistant to change blinkered idiot townsfolk supplicating cap in hand to the unscrupulous ruthless landowner and his paid for sheriffs and henchmen desperate for the status quo to be held as is.

'Us lot' are the people who moved to town with different expectations and open eyes and saw how broken it is, how the saloons are on their uppers and need new life, how the short term money grabbing ways led to the situation being the way it is... and how a bunch of powerful, self serving, idle self congratulating fools preside over it all, unable to see the indicators of their fiefdom's inevitable collapse, their noses so deep in the trough they can't see out.

Here's YOUR scene KEvin:

And HOW Chris Roberts is still allowed to post his disingenuous lies and insinuations wearing his frilly knickers, lipstick and silly girly pseudonyms here and on the Publican is beyond me.

It's surprising that you don't seem to feel uncomfortable when Roberts, in her many high heeled guises, sidles up to you and gives you cuddly little remarks of support, that you don't slap her off.

What an unholy alliance you make with those cyber cronies 'Kev's groupies' - all of them Chris Roberts! Here we are: a successful free-trader with a sense of humour and an independent point of view and a failed IT sidekick - who's unable to post as himself because of serial bannings on both sites - who resorts to dressing up, being a 'lady' puckering up to anyone who she thinks might listen for a minute or so...

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