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Dixon: GMB pub strike will end in tears

Kevin, YOU are hilarious. The funniest thing is the Johnson analogy more accurately reflects 'you lot' than 'us lot'.

'You lot' are the inbred, inward looking, resistant to change blinkered idiot townsfolk supplicating cap in hand to the unscrupulous ruthless landowner and his paid for sheriffs and henchmen desperate for the status quo to be held as is.

'Us lot' are the people who moved to town with different expectations and open eyes and saw how broken it is, how the saloons are on their uppers and need new life, how the short term money grabbing ways led to the situation being the way it is... and how a bunch of powerful, self serving, idle self congratulating fools preside over it all, unable to see the indicators of their fiefdom's inevitable collapse, their noses so deep in the trough they can't see out.

Here's YOUR scene KEvin:

And HOW Chris Roberts is still allowed to post his disingenuous lies and insinuations wearing his frilly knickers, lipstick and silly girly pseudonyms here and on the Publican is beyond me.

It's surprising that you don't seem to feel uncomfortable when Roberts, in her many high heeled guises, sidles up to you and gives you cuddly little remarks of support, that you don't slap her off.

What an unholy alliance you make with those cyber cronies 'Kev's groupies' - all of them Chris Roberts! Here we are: a successful free-trader with a sense of humour and an independent point of view and a failed IT sidekick - who's unable to post as himself because of serial bannings on both sites - who resorts to dressing up, being a 'lady' puckering up to anyone who she thinks might listen for a minute or so...

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Getting back to the points Phil Dixon raises:

1) Who could be better placed than GMB to take on the pubcos at their own level? Having learned the hard way that “systematic victimisation, bullying, harassment and sex discrimination” in the workplace is totally unacceptable they know that reform from such a position is essential if the pub industry is to be fit for purpose in the 21st century.

2) Phil’s amusing anecdote about Bill Price telling him that a gathering of licensees was akin to a Hitler rally in Nuremberg is amusing but doesn’t inform his article and when it comes to smoking Phil's just talking ancient history. We are where we are. The ban would have come into force no matter which party was in power, bringing it up here to raise suspicion toward GMB is a total red herring.

3) GMB has a clear vision of the minimum acceptable standards that a workplace should provide in a contemporary service economy and considers £7 an hour the minimum wage that ought to be achievable in any business. If a business cannot afford to pay its workers a living wage what possible justification can there be for the businesses' continuing existence? This draws a spotlight on our notoriously low waged industry straight away. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of PROFIT in the industry as a whole, it’s all about its DISTRIBUTION. GMB sees that the pub industry has to get its financial house in order and make sure there is enough profit on the shop floor to be able to pay the people who run the shop a decent living. This will never happen as long as the middle of the industry is dominated by a few property owning companies whose sole objective is the comprehensive removal of profit at every level other than from the corporate trough.

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J Mark Dodds 21/02/2010 13:23:54

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Dixon: GMB pub strike will end in tears

4) Rent and purchase ‘strikes’. Contract, its interpretation and application, is the nub of how this whole industry got into the sorry mess it’s in now. While we all know 'property law was written for the “ruling classes” by the “ruling classes” neither contract, nor the law surrounding it, is immutable or inviolable in the grand scheme of things. GMB understands this. It is quite clear that GMB are testing the water on this and will not be issuing recommendations to its members to act without being on firm ground. There are strong arguments to suggest it is the property companies who have been in long term breach of contract by interpreting the legislation to benefit them exclusively while denying the rights of lessees to any share of benefits the tie is supposed to infer to both sides.

Like a doom mongering Flat Earther Phil Dixon speculates about the unknown, confidently predicting that ‘Punch, Enterprise and any other company will have little difficulty in presenting cut and dried cases and obtaining easy verdicts with costs being levied against their tenants’.

Quite simply Phil Paul Maloney’s right. He knows that YES! If enough people get together many extraordinary things can be achieved which can benefit the majority. And how you can ask the question “Has anyone considered the fate of licensees in a pubco put into administration?” is beyond me. By all accounts Phil, you are an intelligent, thoughtful and concerned advocate for the licensed trade.

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J Mark Dodds 21/02/2010 13:24:09

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Dixon: GMB pub strike will end in tears

Can you NOT see that many people in your sphere – lessees suffering the consequences of contracts immorally implemented by their feudal baron pubco landlords and have been considering the possibility of administration – of their own affairs - at the hands of the pubcos. Being a tied tenant under a pubco put into administration can hardly be anything worse than what they’ve got noe – and as one poster above points out – they might even be in a position to buy their freehold at a real market value instead of at the current inflated – massively bloated – price expectation of the freeholder who’s doubled the book value through collusion, alchemy, deceit and downright wool pulling all round.

One thing Phil is absolutely spot about is that this arrangement is borne out of desperation. IN his words: “desperate licensees seeking a miracle” You should stop and ask yourself this Phil:

WHY are all those lessees desperate? And why are they seeking a miracle?

GMB is a powerful organisation who doesn’t need the hassle of doing all this work for the sake of a few thousand members more when it has 600,000 paid up already.

No GMB is here because it represents fairness in adversity and cares about abuse of individuals in any corporate situation. This is an arrangement based on clear vision and a firm grasp of what is right and wrong against an outmoded status that is utterly inappropriate in 2010 and should be intolerable in any contemporary society.

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