Friday, February 05, 2010

RE: Fair Pint to present new evidence to OFT on beer tie

You're right info man, some dozens of ex licensees made bankrupt by their pubco coming forward with clear, calmly described experience would offer compelling evidence of the criminal inequity of the tie.

Two problems:

1) How to get the message across to people who no doubt do not read the trade press? They probably didn't read it when they were going through purgatory with the pubco, they certainly won't be looking out now, when all they want to do is try to forget.

2) Insane logic of the OFT demands that it disregards evidence from individuals - because they are not representative of the whole. Yes. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it? OFT requests consulation - and gets it. Loads of evidence from all sides. But it chooses to ignore all the evidence put before it other than that provided by guess who? Of course the BBPA.

Why? This is why (see BBPA website):

"The BBPA is the leading organisation representing the UK beer and pub sector. Our members account for 98% of beer brewed in the UK and own more than half of Britain's 54,000 pubs."

Because OFT considers the others, all of them put together, aren't as representative of the pub trade as BBPA all on its little lonesome.

What I'm saying is: It's a done deal. OFT are NOT going to look at this correctly. They will disregard all evidence that contradicts what BBPA posits as not being representative and being issues that lessees should take up with their pubco rather than come crying to them for support.

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J Mark Dodds 06/02/2010 01:39:29

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RE: Fair Pint to present new evidence to OFT on beer tie

And what IS the BBPA - really?

It's a front. The political wing of the pubcos no more no less.

IT has NO interest in the well being of lessees whatsoever and does not represent the views of a single autonomous lessee, publican, licensee, manager or free house pub owner in Britain - all of whom they hold in utter disdain.

It does not do what it implies on the tin. Look at their website and get irritated.

No BBPA is nothing more than the tail of the very big fat stinky pubco dog. It's not capable of issuing a statement that has not been dictated by its owners.

The turn of events after mediation has thrown up one of the most cynical, self serving, grotesquely partisan scenarios anyone in this industry could possibly imagine.

Mediation was so successful it polarised the industry. On the one had there is IPC - with all the real representation of individuals - a disparate coalition who, while sharing concerns about the manifestation of the pubco model, struggled to find a common direction before mediation yet quickly found common ground during the process that was their getting together and realising just how intransigent and immovable the other side really were.

And on the other side the Devil's triumvirate of BBPA, FLVA and BII got together. BII initially sat on the fence but stepped fully into the Styx saying it could do business with the pubcos because they want to change their ways. Incredible - all three needing each other for credibility - all prepared to mince words, deny reality, and profess to being the really representative bodies.

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J Mark Dodds 06/02/2010 01:41:36

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RE: Fair Pint to present new evidence to OFT on beer tie

Look at FLVA. The new top dog is blatantly a pubco plant with a pro pubco stance - 'give the guy a chance' they all cried when his tenure was announced. Well, he's blaming the lessees already, a lead taken straight out of Tuppen and Thorley's well thumbed grubby little books on pubco marketing. DOH!

Then now already of course, after a brief period when it looked like BII under Robertson might go native, open its eyes and start telling it like it is, it's started flirting with the pubcos, Robertson flashing his eyelashes at Ted and Giles - how everything is so good now what with BII backing the pub with BBPA and FLVA as leaders in the industry.

This self serving lot will get their voice heard and the other side - US, you know the lessees and licensees who actually RUN the pubs, pull the pints and talk to the punters and get fleeced all the way to the pubcos bondholders, will be dismissed as 'needing to resolve our issues blahblahblah outside this process'. Because individually we are not representative of the whole.

And OFT will get away with it.

What a JOKE this industry is.

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