Thursday, February 11, 2010

having difficulty with this connection...........................................................
Odd things happening with my MA connection George. The Chinese are indeed inscrutable perhaps their strategy of acquiring ALL the gold is part of a plan to encourage bonds based trading. Very interesting...

Said the CEO to the shareholders:

"The freeholds we owned? What freehold?

"We still own the freehold. All we did was sell it. We still own it, really, honestly, because we still O P E R A T E it. Oh yes. Freeholds are all about OPERATION not about bricks and mortar, oh no, no no no no no, freeholds, quite simply, are NOT bricks and mortar. No. And besides... we still own the freehold, even though we sold it, because we think we do. The rent we'll be paying for it to the freeholder - who's not really the freeholder remember - we consider to be a sort of service charge for our OPERATING the business and making oodles of cash out of it.

"Well, now you come to mention it. No, no we don't actually OPERATE the business, we just know a man who can and they do it for us - and this is the good bit. Yes! They do it free of charge!

"How's that for a business model? It works a treat - we do NOTHING, EVER, except dabble around with spreadsheets and ledgers - everyone falls for it and they do all the work. So there you are, just leave it all up to us and everything will be alright.

"We do really know what we're doing you know. We have a business plan. It never fails. Here, take this pill, you won't feel a thing."

The fat lady's in the wings of this farce.

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