Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GEORGE CANNING is typical of thousands of other pubs.

Good Grief! Yes that's right, I'm talking bull. All bull based on fact and simple observation. You PROVE you don't know what you are talking about and that you have an alternative agenda or else would not be posting this stuff (MY agenda should be clear, I'm one of the founders of the Fair Pint Campaign and I have owned the lease on a tied pub for fifteen years. And you can find me easily, come into my pub and talk with me about it any time, my email address is and I don't post or talk bull for my own, or anyone elses, agenda.

You say of The George Canning "Its a lot busier than it ever was. Yes I do know what I'm talking about and your just talking bull".

Well, you see, I KNOW you don't know what you're talking about because you CANNOT prove anything you say, apart from the fact that the pub has been redecorated, because quite simply the pub IS NOT taking anywhere NEAR what it was previously. You don't need to see takings sheets, it's glaringly obvious. I pass by there often in the course of my work; as do customers and staff and there's hardly ever any customers now. Ten is a crowd. A good number of regulars have gone up the hill to Hoopers, a free house that does real ales and many others are now down the hill in the Phoenix, an M&B managed pub. They definitely are not hanging out at the Canning - it's YOU, matey boy, who is talking bull.

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J Mark Dodds 24/01/2010 14:27:11

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WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GEORGE CANNING is typical of thousands of other pubs.

Tell you what 6139 - if you can manage to go into the George Canning and take a photograph of it busy - say the sort of busy on a Friday night that shows they are likely to gross £7K a week - in the next month, post it somewhere on the internet and put a link to it on MA I'll give you £100 cash.

Or bring the pic into my pub, The Sun and Doves, and I'll hand over the money - and I'll apologise for being wrong and you can tell me, face to face, about how much bull I talk, how little I know about the business I've worked in for thirty years and how I should be looking at things through the unbiased eyes of one as clear sighted as you.

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