Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mark Daniels: The Beer Mitten

Disappointingly lowbrow Mark. The tie is the tie for obvious reasons - it is a TIE - an obligatory leash which restrains the individual from freedom to sell products other than those provided by the owner of the property they let. Applied irresponsibly - and it almost always is - it is a tight glove on an iron fist. A discussion about what reaction would be to the tie if it were called anything else is not even academic. It's a bit of pointless distraction which cannot lead to any greater understanding of what the tie is - even under a different moniker it's still an outmoded, pernicious, feudal, legally binding contract which is widely abused by its owners and totally unfit for use in the 21st century.

Matlock and the other multiple personality Deniers still up there harping from the sidelines pontificating important sounding vacuous nonsense with veiled hints of underhandedness and skulduggery about all and sundry who are not Matlock. As if Matlock knows a thing other than his own silly self centred speculation.

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