Monday, November 09, 2009

These are emails I got today from at my work address:

1) "Well, I must say that MA is a much more pleasant place to be as of today. No more mindless rantings ( Corbett excepted ) and I can post what I like without a pathetic loony wankstain stooge chiming in. Perfect."

2) "wankstain, I can never resist bringing down a bully boy like you."

3) "El Nino, I notice that your alter ego Mark Dodds hasn't posted on MA today. Any particular reason why?"

Well, that'll be because Mark Dodds has been BANNED by William Reed because I, 'Chris Roberts' threatened them with a lawsuit for libel because that nasty wast Mark Dodds said that Chrissy Wissy might be a naughty boy and being paid by Teddy Weddy to be naught waughty.

This MA account (this one, the one you're reading) was already set up by Chris Roberts using my own private email address and the password 'pubtrade'...

Mark Dodds - ME - has been banned from Morning Advertiser, apparently because I pointed out, as above, that "Chris Roberts" received a large pay off from Enterprise and has been bound by the terms of a Non Disclosure Agreement - this is information "Chris Roberts" had already volunteered on the MA under a different name and told me unsolicited in private emails to my work address:

This is just a repeat of what I posted at the weekend in an attempt to get the weekend poster posting on one thread instead of all over the show in his various guises...

This post is made by Mark Dodds, a founder of the Fair Pint Campaign, and William Reed has no part in its making.

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