Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Industry row erupts over BBPA's plans

HL; you clearly have the measure of the situation. Thank you for adding your gravitas to a serious issue.

Tied tenants have been waiting for YEARS for pubcos and BBPA to cease their perennial stonewalling and DO something - anything - effective to ameliorate the profit and power imbalance of the pub industry.

BBPA are hardly reknowned for their willingnes to discuss anything in the round and yesterday was no different from the usual. They have had more than ample time since the close of mediation to discuss the way ahead with their paymasters yet continue to prevaricate.

Mark Hastings apparently announced that the format of the hearing yesterday was set by John Grogan. This is contradicted by what was said in the meeting and as reported by Robert Humphries, the APPBG secretary today. Robert is the person who organises these meetings and is not likely to be wrong about what happened.

BBPA has published nothing that is worthy of even cursory consideration and it is entirely appropriate for Fair Pint to point out the bleeding obvious: BBPA are dragging their heels and not playing ball. As usual it is a delaying game.

All this was way too late in 2004 and five years later it is completely unacceptable that nothing has improved in tenant pubco relations since. What can tenants do about it? At last there is a strong cogent tenant voice emerging which also is well beyond time.

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