Sunday, November 15, 2009


FOT because they didn't have a clue what else to do with it.

The George Canning in Camberwell is on Enterprise's website

“We are pleased to propose a Retail Partnership Agreement for discussion with interested applicants. The annual rental level will be dependent on the successful applicant’s plans for the business and will be discussed in further detail with the Regional Manager. As a further incentive, we are offering an above target discount of £150 per barrel. The actual level of ingoings required will again be dependent on their plans for the business and these can be discussed in much further detail with the Regional Manager, when we also agree the target and other principle terms.”

For general interest of readers of this forum Enterprise's expected ingoings are in the region of £30K depending on business plan and ideas for future business and rent is negotiable dependent on same. The previous rent was £37K. Consider dear reader the £150 pbb discount against the £40 discount the pub had before it ceased trading.

Enterprise have invested in the pub - new equipment, furniture and paint and decoration throughout and a new central heating system by the sound of it. Stuff that needed to be done before but for which there was not enough profit to cover.

This is an example of a pub that is not closed, never recorded as a shut pub, not in any statistics anywhere as a failed pub. It could work but never on £37k and £40pbb discount.

It's currently trading with a management company running it, quite efficiently, without personality or any sense of character in the 'neutral' scheme that has just been done to it.



The Castle in Camberwell is on Enterprise's website too. I had that site ten years ago. It was called Pacific Bar then. I had it for three years on a TMA, with the intention of signing a long lease. When that time came the pubco wanted to double the rent, having promised not to increase when a permanent deal was signed. I handed the keys back and lost about £80K on it. The people in there now could probably do a good job with it if Enterprise looked at the sort of deal they're offering on the George Canning and offered them the same on an ongoing basis.

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