Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fabulous! You couldn't imagine this utter nonsense if you didn't read it! Douglas Jack trying to graduate from the Tuppen and Canute Academy of Denial with flying colours. Echoes of that school of thought in every line which makes his pontificating sound like a petulant ex public schoolboy bleating on to the beak about not getting the exam wesults thet deddy expected...

Brilliant grasp of logic about the situation:

On the one hand he's implying, conveniently without analysis of course, that BBPA; BII and FLVA have agreed something momentous when actually it's a meaningless document drawn up by pubco poodles, sanctioned by those relying on pubco income to exist, whose implementation will do nothing for tied lessees. On the other he's trying to make out there is no tenant representative validity to the existence of IPC which denies the fact that FSB on its own is informed by several thousand of its tied lessee members and CAMRA has the ear of 110,000 consumers.

This laughable statement is a pathetic attempt to make everyone in the whole industry except BBP seem marginal: “This group still seeks the removal of the beer tie even though it would be likely to result in higher retail prices, reduced product range, lower investment and a higher pub closure rate,” is simply his own misinformed opinion. Without deconstructing every nuance of his huff and puff of hot air perhaps he'd like to explian how reducing the cost of wholesale beer to 23,000 pubs by 80p a pint will lead to increased prices over the bar and reduced investment in the industry?

He comes from a place where water runs up hill and pigs are flying.

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