Thursday, September 10, 2009

GMB reports "positive" meeting with EC officials over beer tie

This is ludicrous. Colin Matlock/Christopher Roberts is one and the same. His bloated and self battered ego forces him to fantasise about Fair Pint and its members. He sets himself up as accusor, judge and jury and runs a scurrilous diversionary campaign citing of wrongs and misdoings by other people which are entierly of his own imaginings - and he gets published, even here on a moderated forum which gives him street cred, ego boost and blog space simply through posting falsehoods, innuendo, downright lies and general fabrications about almost anyone who isn't him. Then acccuses Fair Pint members of doign EXACTLY what he's doing - when Gair Pint is doign NOTHING of the sort. He lies compulsively about his achievements and the information he gave to Fair Pint - I was there and he's done NOTHING of the sort, and nothing of substance anywhere I can see.

Threat of libel made the trade forums tip toe around many issues which concern pubcos but here we have a situation where, basically, someone with a comlicated personality disorder is able to defame, denounce and denegrate hard working, honest and sincere people in public and have no come back.

If he was making the kind of accusations he does against Fair Pint as a matter of course toward Enterprise, Punch et al - his posts would not be published for fear of litigation and possible massive penalties for libel.

He just says whatever pops up in his fevered brain and it gets published. Great stuff Publican. 'Nice overnight trip to Brussels' rubbish. We got a 5am train and a 8pm return and paid for the tickets ourselves. We could have gone later and come back earlier but we couldn't afford to because we are concerned tied tenants trying to make a difference, not the sort of freeloaders he's always accusing us of being.

This is TOO MUCH. Get balanced Publican and get this man off your site.

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