Friday, September 11, 2009

High Court gives hope for rent cuts

Beg to differ Matthew. Would appreciate your telling the forum which, exactly, trade protection body/ies, have been saving tenants thousands of pounds at rent review rather than their having to employ expensive experts? Huh? Go on. Where are the examples you know of? There are none. That's ONE of the many reasons why Fair Pint NEEDED to exist - to highlight this yawning absence of balance in the trade. That is why Fair Pint was set up. A point you miss entirely.

As far as your pubco bias point of view goes, the whole of Fair Pint's existence is just 'Ranting On About The Tie' is it? And this deflects discussion away from real issues? Well Matthew you should pull up your boot straps, whatver they are, and drop your blinkered prejudices. Fair Pint isn't a rant. It is a campaign based on solid knowledge and experience of lessees distilled into a focused argument that stands scrutiny and takes credibility with ALL bodies who, until a year ago, were so uninformed about the detail of pubco activities that many still laboured under erroneous position that the tie was to some degree a somewhat benevolent and sustainable operation of business.

The people who set up Fair Pint are LICENSEES and Independent Experts who, between us, have HUNDREDS of years of experience of catering, the pub trade, the tied and free of tie sectors. We found each other through common experience and held remarkably similar views when coming to discuss the detail of what is wrong with the trade.

Fair Pint is here for real reasons which you ignore, presumably conveniently, to your personal benefit.

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