Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enterprise reduces pub’s rent by 38%

The rent's still far too high, you don't need to be a bloody surveyor to see that. MORE evidence that this industry is a JOKE. Enterprise obviously will use this extraordinary example as some bizarre general proof that they are benvolent and thoughtful and caring and supportive of tenants, the tradition of the pub and the fabric of communities across the British Isles. THEY ARE NOT. Their eye is SOLELY on profit, nothing else. This short term reduction in rent is a massive slap in the face to Simon Townsend and Ted Tuppen who clearly that any 'independent surveyor' they'd ay for to come up with a valuation (I believe they rejected David Morgan as being 'biased') would inevitably go on their side - because they always do - even arbitrators - because the rent situation is so stitched up by RICS and the pubco status quo. Well as it didn't go their way they will now be confused about everything in their business model.

Did anyone read the Geoff Colyer stuff excusing the Brooker case as being a one off blip, nothing to threaten the long term security of Enterprise's income. Haw Haw haw. This is more of the same.

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