Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enterprise defends lease code

Hilarious as usual, Simon Townsend comes out with the usual long tried and tested Enterprise tack of 'black is white', 'water flows up hill', 'the tide will turn when nuncky Ted says it will', barely intelligible position which sort if says 'we're generous to a fault and it's only because of a few people who take advantage of our loveliness and abuse our generosity that we had to change the wording anyway'.

Rubbish. Nothing of the kind. Enterprise are ruthless barstewards who don't give a flying fig about lessees' interests at any level. Their consistent actions over years proves this. They and the tied supply busines model are doomed. Fiddling around with codes of practice and telling every one they've met the recommendations of BEC is all diversion from the fact that they don;t know what to do about their gravy train that's derailing itself. They aren't doing ANYTHING substantial to change what they do. They won't do anything substantial - they are incapable of that - and all they can do is watch as it goes over the cliff in slow motion, powerless to influence the results of their poor business acumen.

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