Friday, July 03, 2009

‘We’d pay £100k to new body’

Mr Tuppen says tomato so does Mr Townsend. We say tomato. They say potato we say potato. That's the problem. Their toms and pots, once fiddled with by RICS, weigh in as being much heavier than they really are. Like property caluations as well.

One of their tomatos is a payroll that costs me £120K a year. My payroll is a beefy tomato which in fact costs me £200K a year. An £80K difference is the long a in the second syllable of tomayto. Therefore £40K of the difference between their tomayto and my tomato becomes divisible balance, even though it's NOT profit - it's actually, factually, really honest guv, been spent in paying people and inland revenue, and is then calculated into an upward rent review.

Hey ho. The MDs and CEOs all know it's going on, they are the ones who devised this devillish nonsense and weave it into contracts where there's nothign written about it. It's all designed to strip profit out of every niche and cranny of a pub business and pass it into pauying off massive debts. The tomatos and potatoes these guys have devised screw everyone. They know it and should be going to jail for it.

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