Friday, July 03, 2009

This is true any time not just in recession.

We tied lessees are expected by the tie freeholder to spend seventy hours a week (two people this is) on the floor serving food and drink - instead of paying employees - AND handle all the basic nuts and bolts of being a business or 'red tape' as it's called here.

If we do not spend sevety hours a week on the floor AND another forty plus hours on office and general administration that cuts into the divisible balance of profit at the end of the year which puts pressure on the freeholder's lust for taking profit out of our businesses.

If we work a 'normal' week of, say, 48 hours AND take money for doing that AND pay other people to cover the forty or so hours we're NOT doing by only working a lazy week, plus all the admin; the pubco basically says we are not making enough profit because we aren't working hard enough.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it at a rent review roadshow.

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