Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tuppen: ‘We’d pay £100k to new body’

It's too late Mr Tuppen. You lost any right to make this sort of offer to the industry by choosing to ignore the TISC 2004 recommendations...

This is a clever diversion by Tuppen aiming to make Enterprise appear open to discussion and change. Any casual observer will note that it is very clear that Enterpise et al are NOT in the business of changing. They are in the business of profit extraction at all costs. This will not change if the wolves are allowed to set up an 'independent' body to represent lessees interests.

What Tuppen et al are not prepared to acknowledge in any substantial way: They blatantly, wilfully ignored ALL the 2004 TISC recommendations and tried to cover up the reality with 'Coded of Conduct' reviews and other window dressing which had no imapact on the shop floor.

These pubcs CEOs and MDs are in no position to be making suggestions about where the industry should go in relation wo lessees' conditions. The very idea that these people should be behind establishing a reprsentative trade body is a ghastly joke. NO. These people must be held accountable for the ferocious mess they got this industry into. They had their chance to make substantive changes after 2004 and comprehensively lost their right to have their views taken seriously due to the disdain they showed the outside world through the conduct and submissions pubcos made to BEC 2008.

What is truly remarkable about the 'management' practices of the major pubcos is just how similar they are. Neat carbon copies of each other. When it comes to public image it's either silence or obfuscation. Pubcos must be severely penalised for blatantly ignoring TISC 2004 and its firm recommendations and the people responsible for that policy of total avoidance must be held personally accountable, to shareholders; bondholders, their customers i.e. the lessees and ultimately the consumer, tax payer and the government who have all been served so poorly by their purely self interested actions.

For further detail on where the tie ought to go I refer Mr Tuppen et al to Roger Protz's vey interesting article published in today's MA. It makes great reading, clearly argued and presented.

Thank you Mr Protz. Mine, and I'm sure, thousands of other tied lessees, hats, off to you!

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