Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pub trade soars in sizzling summer sun

It's hard to wrap this recent weather into an all round good story. The remarkable difficulty many people will face if they are doing well in a brief period now is twofold:

1) IF your pub is busy, well that's fab. Reality is for a lot of people who are fortunate enough to see trade boom because they have great outside areas, they will be able to claw back from the lean time they've been having over the years where summer has been well below expectations/need. This is only playing catch up and someone's remark above that we need this weather to last until January is right on the mark.

2) A good news story getting back to the pubco will just alert them to the opportunity to put the screws on where they can. If they think there's more money around they get interested. Once I was interviewed by a trade publication and was honest enough to say what my turnover was and this was published. 'My' 'area manager' came in a couple of weeks later and said 'I'm glad to see you're doing so well, we'll be going for a six figure rent when it's reviewed you know'. I liked that. I'm sure the rent review roadshows take that kind of attitude into account when offering advice to lessees.

It's also the sort of comment I've subsequently related to the MD of the pubco, asking whether they consider this a professional approach their employees errr, employ toward their customers. I have written such letters maybe five times. Never have I had a satisfactory answer. Once I was hauled into regional head office to be torn a off strip by the regional director: 'You writing to them with your sob story makes my team look bad. You have a problem, you come to me right?'. My problem was that it was HIS behaviour I was writing about.

Great communication and wonderful customer service policy there. BII certified Codes of Conduct MY REAR END.

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