Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lib Dem peer Razall slams tie

Phil. You're right to voice caution over CAMRA but have patience. They are sincere and perhaps coming up to speed, along with many others whose only regular information has been spoon fed to them by pubco poodles like BBPA. They have only ever seen one side of the coin. Now they are finally looking underneath they find it's not as shiny as it's been buffed up to be.

The sort of shocking realisations of the reality of what's been happening in this trade since 2004 is the kind of thing that stimulates rapid policy change. See the BEC report. That was the first rumblings which led to the ground shaking all around. What's happening now is the beginning of an increasing landslide of opinion changing. This is about to become an avalanche it won't be possible to stop.

I have a feeling even some very highly respected industry observers are coming round to demanding an end to the tie. Interesting times but still VERY tough going for far too many lessees.

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