Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Pub tenants need an independent champion'

@RB Do some homework. You are altogether way off mark on what is happening.

Fair Pint was INVITED to mediation as a campaigning body that raised pertinent questions about serial, systematic abuses of the function of the tie. Questions which are not being answered and are not going away.

Tenants are at the end of contracts which have been abused by their landlords. The onus for implementation of any agreements that come out of mediation lie on the side of the bodies who administer the tie. Tenants are not in a position to implement anything more than that which they do already - the operation of their businesses.

In spite of the 'formal processes and accountabilities' written into the other organisations' position, who, ever, is capable of triggering any of those processes into making these organisations accountable to anyone anywhere?

The way the other bodies have contrived in working together, with all their 'formal processes and accountabilities' in place, to bring this industry to its knees is why we are where we are.

This is why the situation is Rachmanesque. This is why the situation of this industry is untenable as it stands and why it HAS to go through radical change to bring commercial fairness into its working.

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