Saturday, July 11, 2009

Impromptu Poll Reveals Shock Results

Gilbert's impromptu poll is obviously a light hearted bit of observation that has an interesting serious side. 'Lucy' in the sky with diamonds 'Cavendish' is psyching up for a fisticuffs as usual and has totally missed the point which is that no one outside the trade understands anything about the trade at all.

Besides this all pubcos DO use the notion of brand as a hook for potential lessees. They all say they have the best properties, the best produsct range, the most competitive discounts, the best dedicated team the best ad nauseam all their marketing stuff suggests a brand, a usp that's attached to their name. Teir position as brands is used for shareholder benefit and for outside authorities when describing competition within the pub market.

Their activities impact on the consumer directly in that they have kept the retail price of beer rising faster than inflation for two decades and their impact in the market has made beer around 80p a pint more expensive than it should be. Pubcos hav deliberately distorted the wholesale and retail price of beer for solely their own profit to the detriment of all others.

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