Thursday, July 16, 2009


We're STILL living in the middle of a fog of denial aren't we?

Pubcos utter nonesense about their performance it's reported as celebrated good news. Pubcos say: 'Everyone's having a tough time but we're all pulling together' - while they are laying off staff, their BDMs are invisible because they've gone to ground somewhere and their pubs are being locked and boarded up and tenants are being evicted all over the country.

Not even a casual observer can fail to notice this industry is in some form of messy freefall. Yet industry insiders still cling on to beliefs which have been battered and proven erroneously acquired through pro pubco propaganda of a couple of decades...

Surely no one on the lessee side of the divide REALLY believes that BII accreditation reflects in any way shape or form the behaviour of their pubco landlords?

IF pubcos had ever followed the noble path of BII's lofty expectations of conduct we'd not have the industry we do and IF BII had stuck to testing the benchmarks of their ambitions instead of standing by while pubcos played with pubs and publicans like delinquents tossing toffees around a sweet shop we'd not be where we are now either.

PS: Now that Ted's pressing the propaganda pump watch out for an offensive by BBPA taking his lead in the coming days as they try to regroup from their dreadful performance over the last three years.

Expect figures 'indicating' that more freehold and free of tie pubs get boarded up than tied. See how they point out that the 'robust business model' of the tie keeps pubs alive and vibrant and other palliatives which sound like a great reflection of what's happening on the Yellow Brick Road of the tie but means NOTHING on the ground.

Remember Black is White in this game.

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