Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Punch up for ALMR crunch talks

A neat example of the traditional 'in denial U turn'.

Perfect for moments when a corporation wants people to think it's a cuddly touchy feely family oriented business with people's best interests rather than pure profit at heart.

"we used to think that white is black but now we realise that black is, in fact, white and we're sorry we saw it that way. Now we realise where we went wrong, it was a bit of a grey area, and we want to work with people, as we've always said we wanted (except for licensees of course) to find better ways forward for us all. And the rabbits and Guinea pigs. Mustn't forget them. And the hamsters..."

"Did we leave anyone out?"

"What about the trees? Did you mention that we don't want to harm the trees?"

"What? I have to say 'we don't want to harm the trees', too?"

"Yes. And tell them we're moving into a nice new shiny headquarters that's made out of recycled papier mache and has no impact on the environment. That should do the trick."

"And, whatever you do, don't mention how much money we're still making. OK?"

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